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"Singaporean hedge fund 3AC crumbles under bear market pressure, but co-founder Kyle emerges as a winner"

Former Hedge Fund Manager Finds New Passion in Cooking Chicken

Three Arrows Capital (3AC), a once-burgeoning Singaporean hedge fund worth an estimated $10 billion at its peak, was utterly obliterated by the bear market last year. However, the carnival it has created since the initial blowup still lives on, and its main characters appear to be doing quite well, too.

One of 3AC’s co-founders, Kyle Davies, appears to have finally found some solace from the experience. After much turmoil, the former hedge fund manager has now transitioned into an aspiring restaurateur fixated on one task – perfecting the art of cooking chicken.

Davies, who has always been passionate about food, has taken this opportunity to pursue his dream of opening a restaurant. He has spent the past few months perfecting his chicken recipe and has even gone as far as to travel to different countries to learn more about the art of cooking chicken.

In an interview with The Irish Times, Davies said, “I’ve always loved food, and I’ve always been interested in cooking. But I never had the time to pursue it when I was working in finance. Now that I have the time, I’m fully committed to making the best chicken possible.”

Davies’ newfound passion for cooking chicken has also led him to explore the world of cryptocurrencies. He has been using his own cryptocurrency, called Chicken Token, to fund his restaurant venture. The token is a way for investors to buy into the restaurant and receive a share of the profits.

While some may see this as a risky move, Davies is confident that his restaurant will be a success. He believes that the combination of his passion for food and his experience in finance will give him an edge in the restaurant industry.

“I’ve learned a lot from my time in finance, and I think that experience will be valuable in running a restaurant. It’s all about managing risk and making smart decisions,” Davies said.

Davies’ restaurant, called The Chicken Coop, is set to open in Singapore later this year. The menu will feature a variety of chicken dishes, including Davies’ signature dish, which he has been perfecting for months.

The Chicken Coop will also be the first restaurant to accept Chicken Token as payment. Davies hopes that this will encourage more people to invest in his restaurant and help it grow.

Despite the challenges he has faced over the past year, Davies remains optimistic about the future. He sees his new venture as a way to start fresh and pursue his passion for food.

“I’ve learned a lot from my time in finance, but it’s time for a change. I’m excited to see where this new venture takes me,” Davies said.

In a world where success is often measured by financial gain, Davies’ story serves as a reminder that sometimes the greatest success can be found in pursuing one’s passions.

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Martin Reid

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