Is DOGE Set to Soar? Shares Trader Predicts Price Pump Tomorrow!

"Dogecoin (DOGE) to Experience Potential Price Pump Tomorrow, Says Popular Crypto Trader Kaleo"

Crypto traders and enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating a potential price pump for Dogecoin (DOGE) on April 20th, also known as 4/20 by the DOGE community. The popular crypto trader Kaleo (@CryptoKaleo) shared on Twitter that there is a chance that the coin’s price will receive a meme pump tomorrow. Kaleo added that DOGE’s price has historically received a pump on this day in previous years. Many in the crypto space believe that Elon Musk, the influential figure in the DOGE community, has been behind these price pumps.

Musk’s satirical reference to his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, in which he was seen smoking weed, may have contributed to the price pumps on 4/20. Kaleo and others in the crypto community believe that Musk’s role in the DOGE community is why DOGE’s price may receive a pump tomorrow.

According to CoinMarketCap, DOGE’s price stands at $0.09299 at press time. The website also shows that the altcoin posted a 24-hour gain of around 0.03%, contributing to its positive weekly performance of +13.59%. DOGE was able to print a 1.30% gain on Ethereum (ETH) over the last 24 hours but was unable to do the same with Bitcoin (BTC) and is currently down 1.25% against BTC. DOGE’s price is trading near its 24-hour low of $0.09195, with its daily high standing at $0.09449 at press time.

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The potential price pump for DOGE on 4/20 has sparked excitement among traders and enthusiasts. Many are eagerly waiting to see if the altcoin will follow its historical trend and receive a pump on this day. Whether or not this will happen remains to be seen, but the DOGE community is sure to be watching closely.

Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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