Revolutionary AI-Powered Ecosystem VoltiEco Set to Launch by Volt Inu

"Volt Inu to Launch Revolutionary AI-Powered Ecosystem VoltiEco in Three Weeks, Rewarding Holders and Ensuring Project Development"

Volt Inu, a crypto project launched in December 2021, has announced the upcoming launch of VoltiEco, an AI-powered ecosystem designed to collect existing and upcoming crypto protocol airdrops. The project aims to sustain the Volt Inu ecosystem by rewarding holders and ensuring project development. VoltiEco leverages blockchain technology, automated algorithms, and AI to optimize and automate users’ entry into various crypto airdrops. The project is focused on automation and decentralization and aims to maximize the financial value creation for the Volt Inu ecosystem while also working to minimize risk, costs, and effort.

VoltiEco developers will constantly look for upcoming airdrops, verifying them and deciding whether they are safe and worth participating in. They will estimate the revenue that can be generated and assess the social accounts of crypto projects to find out more about the airdrops. After a crypto airdrop is identified, VoltiEco developers will build the algorithms, smart contracts, nodes, and oracles needed to interact with the relevant protocol. The tokens earned will be distributed as follows: 25% to the VoltiEco Farming Pools; 20% to VOLT buybacks and burns; 10% to VDSC buybacks and burns; 45% to the Volt Inu ecosystem operations and future airdrops funding.

VoltiEco is a product that innovates the DeFi industry by using blockchain technology, AI-driven algorithms, automation, and decentralization. The main focus of VoltiEco will be to offer streamlined access to airdrops in order to deliver an all-in-one solution for worldwide crypto investors. The team behind VoltiEco has already proceeded to develop the project and is getting ready to launch VoltiEco within the next 3 weeks.

Volt Inu is a crypto project developed to provide a one-stop-shop solution for DeFi enthusiasts. The company aims to bring the profits back to the native token in order to support the Volt Inu ecosystem. The main purpose of Volt Inu is to allow any crypto project to get listed in a permissionless way and to help cryptocurrencies maintain their deflationary feature by burning their supply. Volt Inu has also launched a 3D NFT collection called VDSC. Besides, the company has developed 2 P2E (Play-to-Earn) games called Volted Racer and VoltIsland. Volted Racer has NFT integration and offers free and paid game modes for both individuals and crypto projects. VoltIsland is a Battle Royale game. The game features VDSC and NFT integration and will be launched in Q3 2023. Volt Inu proves that a crypto project can tackle many industries. Besides the main platform, 2 games, and an NFT collection, Volt Inu has launched a multichain deflationary DEX called Voltichange. The exchange offers developers the option to complete permissionless, free, and automated token listings. The platform has a trading fee of 0.5% aimed at burning the traded tokens.

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