Revolutionary Wallet Bot on Telegram Now Supports Bitcoin on Web Interface after Tether Integration!

"Telegram Integrates Bitcoin into Wallet Bot, Allowing Over a Billion Users to Buy, Sell, and Send Cryptocurrency"

Telegram, the popular messaging application, has integrated bitcoin into its Wallet bot, allowing users to buy, sell, and send the leading cryptocurrency. The move follows the bot’s recent integration of tether, which enables users to transact with the stablecoin. The development team announced on April 21 that bitcoin support had been added to the bot’s web interface, making it accessible to all @wallet users. Previously, bitcoin was only accessible in the text bot. Telegram has an estimated 1.068 billion users, making it extremely popular among cryptocurrency users. In addition to bitcoin, the cryptocurrency toncoin (TON) and tether (USDT) are also available. The Wallet bot team has also upgraded the exchange interface, allowing users to instantly swap BTC, USDT, and TON at favorable rates.

It is worth noting that while TON was the only crypto asset that could be transferred to other Telegram users in April 2022, BTC and USDT can now be leveraged. To purchase, sell, and deposit cryptocurrencies using the Wallet bot application on Telegram, a phone number is required for account verification. The bot’s addition of bitcoin support and upgraded exchange interface has been well-received by the cryptocurrency community, with many expressing their excitement about the new features.

Telegram’s popularity has been on the rise, with over 700 million monthly active users as of June 2022, according to Techcrunch. This is 200 million more than the 500 million monthly active users recorded in January 2021. The messaging app’s user base continues to grow, making it an attractive platform for cryptocurrency users.

The @wallet bot’s integration of bitcoin and tether is a significant development for the cryptocurrency community, as it allows users to easily transact with these assets on a popular messaging application. The bot’s upgraded exchange interface also makes it easier for users to swap between different cryptocurrencies at favorable rates.

Overall, the addition of bitcoin support and upgraded exchange interface on Telegram’s Wallet bot is a positive development for the cryptocurrency community. It provides users with a convenient and accessible way to buy, sell, and send bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies. With Telegram’s user base continuing to grow, the platform is likely to become an increasingly important player in the cryptocurrency space.

Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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