Solana Soars to the Top Again: Crypto Expert’s Review of Saga

"Solana Labs Launches Saga Mobile Phone, Equipped with Crypto-Ready Technology, Garnering Positive Reviews from Renowned Crypto Journalist Jeff Benson"

Solana Labs has launched its Saga mobile phone to pre-order customers, marking the company’s entry into the smartphone market. The Android phone, priced at $1,000, is equipped with the latest technology and features a unique selling point: it is crypto-ready.

The Saga phone has been reviewed by renowned crypto and web3 journalist, Jeff Benson, who shared his thoughts about the crypto-ready phone in a detailed review. While Benson acknowledged that Saga worked well as a phone, he found the selection of Solana dApps underwhelming. Benson also reported experiencing “security fatigue” due to the multiple authentication steps required for most transactions.

Saga does not have Google Play, but it promotes web3 apps found in the Solana dApp Store. It comes preloaded with 20 USDC and 0.01 SOL, along with 14 dApps, including Jupiter, Minty Fresh, TIEXO, Ledger Live, and Audius. Benson found the selection of Solana dApps underwhelming but acknowledged that the Saga was a new platform and developers still needed to build on it.

While Saga’s security features were thorough, with a circular, sunken fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, Benson noted that the Seed Vault is “not quite a wallet” but works with Solana wallet and the Android OS, both restricting either “direct access to secrets.” Benson also reviewed the Phantom wallet, the most popular Solana wallet, and noted some integration issues with other apps. He said:

“While it’s not perfect, the Saga phone gives developers a solid starting point for building the network back into prominence.”

Solana Labs has been making waves in the crypto world lately, with its native token, SOL, experiencing a surge in value in recent months. The company has been working on expanding its ecosystem and building out its infrastructure to support the growing demand for decentralized applications.

The launch of the Saga phone is just one step in Solana’s plan to become a major player in the crypto space. By offering a smartphone that is specifically designed for crypto users, the company is hoping to attract a new audience and provide a more seamless experience for those who are already familiar with the Solana ecosystem.

While the Saga phone may not be perfect, it is a promising start for Solana Labs. As Benson noted in his review, there is still plenty of room for developers to build on the platform and improve the selection of dApps available. With the company’s focus on expanding its ecosystem and building out its infrastructure, it will be interesting to see what other innovations Solana Labs has in store for the crypto world.

In conclusion, the launch of the Saga phone has put Solana Labs back into prominence. With its unique selling point of being crypto-ready, the phone is sure to attract a lot of attention from the crypto community. While there are still some issues that need to be addressed, the Saga phone is a promising start for Solana Labs and a step in the right direction for the company’s ambitious plans for the future.

Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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