Starmer’s Bold Claim: NHS is Broken and Unsafe under Tories, Unfazed by Falling Poll Lead – Latest in UK Politics

National Cyber Security Centre CEO to address CyberUK conference on China's threat to UK infrastructure

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Chief Executive, Lindy Cameron, has warned that cyber attacks launched by groups acting on behalf of Russia pose a threat to infrastructure in the UK. Speaking ahead of her speech at the CyberUK conference in Belfast, she highlighted the change in intent by state-aligned groups, which are sympathetic to the Russian government’s position, to target the UK’s critical national infrastructure. While the activity remains low-level, Cameron emphasised the importance of protecting and ensuring the resilience of the UK’s critical national infrastructure.

Kate Forbes, who narrowly lost to Humza Yousaf in the recent Scottish National Party (SNP) leadership contest, has warned that the party is facing a “pretty critical moment” and will “be in trouble” unless decisive action is taken by the leadership. Forbes has urged the SNP to address the challenges it faces in a united and cohesive manner.

Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, has admitted that the delays to HS2 announced last month will not save money. Responding to questions from the Commons transport committee, Harper explained that delaying the delivery of the project does not save money. Instead, the delays reflect the budgetary constraints that must be adhered to. Harper added that delaying the later aspects of the project is more cost-effective as there are no contractors on site, and the timing of the project can be changed in a more sensible way.

UK inflation fell by less than expected in March, remaining in double figures. Households are under pressure from soaring food and drink prices, which have risen at the fastest annual rate since 1977.

In today’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer will go head to head for the first time in almost a month. Sunak’s ratings have helped to close the gap between Labour and the Conservatives, with Labour’s average lead falling to 15 points. However, Starmer’s recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, in which he stated that the NHS is broken, may cause concern for Sunak. The Telegraph is the house journal for Tory members, and Starmer’s comments may resonate with its readers.

Sir Michael Marmot, one of the world’s leading public health experts, has told Andrew Marr’s show on LBC that if the UK government wanted to destroy the NHS, it was going about it the right way. Marmot explained that the data showed consistent evidence that the government was seeking to undermine the NHS, including the increase in waiting lists since 2010, the fall in spending on the NHS, and the failure to pay doctors and nurses properly. Marmot added that the NHS was slipping down the rankings of the Commonwealth Fund, which compares healthcare systems in 11 countries. In his interview with the Daily Telegraph, Starmer suggested that the NHS would not survive if the government continued its current approach.

In summary, the NCSC Chief Executive has warned of the threat posed by cyber attacks launched by groups acting on behalf of Russia. The SNP is facing a “pretty critical moment” and must take decisive action to address its challenges. The Transport Secretary has conceded that delaying the delivery of HS2 will not save money. UK inflation remains in double figures, with households under pressure from soaring food and drink prices. Finally, Sir Michael Marmot has warned that the UK government may be seeking to destroy the NHS, and Keir Starmer has suggested that the NHS is broken and will not survive if the government continues its current approach.

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Martin Reid

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