CoinMarketCap to Dive into the Shark Tank of Crypto with Exciting New TV Show!

CoinMarketCap Launches Reality TV Show "Killer Whales" Inspired by "Shark Tank"

CoinMarketCap, the popular cryptocurrency price tracking site, is set to launch a reality TV competition show called “Killer Whales” in partnership with Web3 entertainment company Hello Labs. The show, inspired by the popular TV series “Shark Tank,” will allow entrepreneurs to pitch their Web3 projects to a panel of judges made up of entrepreneurs, influencers, and founders of Web3 companies. The aim of the show is to bring the entrepreneurial energy of the Web3 space to homes all over the world. The show is set to be released on major streaming services and Hello Labs’ on-demand Hello TV service. Interested parties can submit their applications to and CoinMarketCap beginning on May 2, and those chosen will go through several rounds of interviews in Hollywood, California. Filming for the show begins in June.

“Our aim is to open the door to the next billion users into Web3 by entertaining and educating them on all things crypto,” said Hello Labs’ CEO Sander Gortjes in a statement. The show is part of a growing trend of Web3-adjacent television shows that highlight the diverse use cases for blockchain technology and the growing interest in crypto among consumers of mass media. Other shows include “Krapopolis,” a show by “Rick and Morty” co-creator Dan Harmon that is set to launch in 2023, and NounsDAO and Doodles, two NFT collections that are exploring the use of their intellectual property across multimedia.

The rise of Web3-adjacent television shows reflects a broader trend in the entertainment industry, where NFTs and blockchain technology are increasingly being used to create new revenue streams and engage fans. NounsDAO, for example, has approved proposals for a feature-length movie and TV show, while Doodles recently acquired Emmy-nominated animation studio Golden Wolf and has touted plans for expanding the Doodles franchise through narrative storytelling.

The “Killer Whales” show is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their Web3 projects and reach a wider audience. With the growing interest in crypto and blockchain technology, the show is sure to attract a lot of attention from both the Web3 community and the general public. The show is set to be released on major streaming services and Hello Labs’ on-demand Hello TV service, making it accessible to viewers all over the world. As the Web3 space continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see how shows like “Killer Whales” shape the future of the entertainment industry.

Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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