UK Government Strikes Back Against Crypto Scammers with Ban on Cold Calls!

U.K. Government Unveils New Fraud Strategy, Promises 400 New Jobs to Boost Intelligence-Led Policing

The British government has unveiled a new fraud strategy aimed at tackling the rising number of scams in the country. The strategy includes the creation of 400 new jobs to update the government’s approach to intelligence-led policing. This move is expected to help authorities combat the growing threat of fraud, which has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government will be partnering with the Office of Communications (Ofcom), the telecoms regulator, to use new technology to counter phone number “spoofing.” This will prevent fraudsters from impersonating legitimate UK phone numbers, making it easier for authorities to track and apprehend them.

The new fraud strategy is a response to the increasing number of scams that have been reported in the UK over the past year. According to a report by the consumer group Which?, more than 2 million people in the UK fell victim to scams in 2020, losing a total of £1.7bn.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it easier for fraudsters to target vulnerable people, as more people are working from home and using online services. The new strategy will focus on preventing fraud in areas such as online shopping, banking, and social media.

The government has also announced that it will be investing £3.5m in a new “ScamSmart” campaign to help people protect themselves from fraud. The campaign will include a new website that provides advice and information on how to avoid scams, as well as a series of TV and radio adverts.

The new fraud strategy has been welcomed by consumer groups and industry experts. However, some have called for more action to be taken to tackle the root causes of fraud, such as improving cybersecurity and increasing regulation of the financial industry.

In conclusion, the UK government’s new fraud strategy is a step in the right direction towards combating the growing threat of scams in the country. With the creation of 400 new jobs and the use of new technology to counter phone number spoofing, it is hoped that the strategy will help to reduce the number of people falling victim to fraud. However, more needs to be done to tackle the root causes of fraud and protect vulnerable people from falling prey to scams.

Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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