Chinese Public Newspaper Set to Unleash NFT Platform: A Digital Revolution!

China Daily to Award 2.813 Billion Yuan Contract for NFT Platform Design

China Daily, one of the largest English-language newspapers in China, has announced that it will be awarding 2.813 billion yuan (approximately $390,000 USD) to an external contractor who can design an NFT platform within the specified budget. The contractor can be either Chinese or foreign and must specialize in blockchain technology, as stated by China Daily.

The winning blockchain company’s main network must be capable of handling over 10,000 transactions per second. Contractors will have until October 17th to submit their applications and design the platform within a three-month timeframe.

The goal of China Daily’s NFT platform is to “enhance the dissemination of Chinese Civilization’s influence” through various mediums such as the metaverse, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and blockchain, along with other technologies like irreplaceable digital assets (NFTs), big data, cloud computing, and more.

This initiative reflects China’s growing interest in exploring the potential of blockchain technology and its applications in various industries. NFTs have gained significant popularity in recent years, with digital artworks and collectibles being sold for millions of dollars.

By creating its own NFT platform, China Daily aims to leverage this trend to promote Chinese culture and heritage to a global audience. The use of technologies like VR and AR will allow users to immerse themselves in a virtual world where they can experience and interact with Chinese art, history, and traditions.

The announcement also highlights China’s commitment to supporting both domestic and international companies in the blockchain space. By allowing foreign contractors to participate in the bidding process, China Daily is fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange between different experts in the field.

This move by China Daily is likely to attract attention from blockchain companies worldwide, as it presents an opportunity to work with a prominent media outlet and gain exposure to a massive audience. The selected contractor will not only be responsible for designing the NFT platform but also for ensuring its scalability and efficiency in handling a high volume of transactions.

As the deadline for submissions approaches, the competition among blockchain companies will intensify, with each vying for the chance to showcase their expertise and secure the contract. The outcome of this initiative will not only shape the future of China Daily’s NFT platform but also contribute to the broader development of blockchain technology in China and beyond.

In conclusion, China Daily’s decision to invest in an NFT platform reflects the newspaper’s commitment to embracing innovative technologies and promoting Chinese culture to a global audience. This initiative presents an exciting opportunity for blockchain companies, both local and international, to showcase their capabilities and contribute to the growing NFT ecosystem. With the deadline fast approaching, the anticipation surrounding the selection of the contractor continues to build, and the impact of this project on China’s blockchain landscape remains to be seen.

Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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