FMI’s Formula for Measuring Cryptocurrency Risks: Is it Enough?

"Inversiones: Un recordatorio de que ningún negocio está exento de riesgo"

No investment is 100% secure. Every investment carries a degree of uncertainty and the possibility of loss. That’s just how life works. If there is a possibility of gaining, there is also a possibility of losing. And the greater the potential for profit, the higher the risk. So, before investing in anything, it is crucial to have this clear in mind. Without risk, there is no growth. Risk needs to be recognized, identified, measured, and managed. And above all, one must be willing to take it on. Because if you cannot bear the idea of losing your money, it’s better to leave it under the mattress. Although that also has its risks…

If you think Bitcoin is an investment without risk or loss, you are completely mistaken. Bitcoin is an asset that fluctuates greatly and can fall at any moment. Do not be deceived by those who promise otherwise, as they are either lying to you, confusing you, or simply have no idea what they are talking about. Some use semantic tricks to manipulate the concept of “risk” and present things in reverse. They claim that Bitcoin is the safest investment in the universe. It is not. Bitcoin is an incredible asset. And if bought and sold at the right times, it can be very profitable. But this opportunity also comes with risks. It’s as simple as that.

Please note that this article has been edited for accuracy and clarity. The original content can be found on Cointelegraph.

Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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