Bitcoin-dev Email List Faces Sunset: Community Seeks New Horizons

"Tech Community Prepares for Data Backup Amidst Concerns Over Google's Service Termination and Account Requirements"

Members of the Bitcoin development community are making preparations for a potential disruption in their group email communication system. Concerns have been raised regarding the future of the current system, which is widely used among developers for collaboration and coordination. As a result, members are exploring alternative options to ensure seamless communication in the event of a disruption.

One proposed solution is to back up data onto secondary domains such as This would provide a safety net in case the current system becomes unavailable. Additionally, several potential alternatives have been suggested, including forums, private channels, or other hosting platforms like Google Groups and

However, there are reservations about relying on Google as a hosting platform. Some members have expressed concerns about Google’s history of service termination and the potential requirement of Gmail accounts for list access. There are also concerns about Google’s monopolistic behavior and the challenges that may arise when adopting new features or Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs).

To address these concerns, one suggestion is to return to the forum roots of This would provide a familiar and reliable platform for communication within the community. Another option is to explore a hybrid approach, taking inspiration from successful transitions made by other communities such as Python and Ethereum Research.

Despite the various alternatives proposed, there is also the acknowledgement that doing “literally nothing” is a possibility. However, this would result in the loss of a widely used group email communication system among developers.

The Bitcoin development community recognizes the importance of maintaining effective communication channels. As they navigate the potential disruption of their current group email system, members are actively exploring alternative options to ensure seamless collaboration and coordination.

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Martin Reid

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