Bitcoin ETF Token’s Lightning-Fast Presale Rakes in $35K in Just 24 Hours, Promising Unbeatable Deflationary Measures!

"BTCETF Token Presale Gains Momentum with 36% Price Surge and High Staking Yields"

BTCETF Token Gains Momentum in Presale Rounds

BTCETF Token, a new cryptocurrency, has generated significant interest among potential investors with its presale rounds. The token’s price is designed to increase by 36% across these rounds, creating a sense of urgency for those looking to invest. The presale, which is being conducted on, involves 40% of the token’s total supply of 2.1 billion tokens.

In addition to the attractive price increase, BTCETF Token offers high staking yields of up to 5,410%. This has led to over 5.7 million tokens being staked so far, accounting for 25% of the token supply. The staking protocol is an integral part of the cryptocurrency’s strategy to ensure network stability.

To enhance token holder value and discourage quick profits, BTCETF Token has implemented deflationary measures. One such measure is a transaction burn tax that decreases by 1% with each significant Bitcoin ETF milestone until Bitcoin reaches $100k. This tax is aimed at reducing the token supply over time.

Another deflationary measure is the planned burning of 25% of the total token supply. These burn events will be tied to Bitcoin and ETF updates, and if all milestones are met, the total token supply will be reduced to 1.57 billion tokens.

The growing interest in BTCETF Token can be seen through Google Trends data. Furthermore, the token’s listing on decentralized exchanges (DEX) is expected to trigger substantial growth due to its speculative nature and the deflationary pressure reducing selling. Positive decisions by the SEC regarding Bitcoin ETFs could also have a significant impact on BTCETF Token’s value.

Investors have the opportunity to earn a referral bonus of 5% for purchases made through their referral link. Regular updates and information can be accessed by joining the Bitcoin ETF Token’s Telegram channel.

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