BlackRock’s Quest for Bitcoin Spot ETF Intensifies as Network Hashrate Skyrockets

Bitcoin's Hashrate Soars, Reflecting Gold Rush-like Experiences for Miners

Bitcoin’s hashrate has seen a significant increase, reaching new heights in recent months. In January 2022, the hashrate stood at 200 EH/s, but it has since grown substantially. This upward trajectory is reminiscent of the experiences of gold rush miners, with some striking it rich and achieving financial independence quickly, while others face challenges such as regulatory changes and financial hurdles.

One example of the latter is Core Scientific, which filed for bankruptcy protection during the bear market of 2022. This highlights the importance of careful strategic management in Bitcoin mining, considering factors like the volatility of Bitcoin prices and potential increases in electricity costs.

Miners are often attracted to regions that offer policy leniency and lower energy costs. North America, Northern Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Kazakhstan, and Russia are among the popular choices. Selecting efficient mining rigs is also crucial for economic viability.

Profitability metrics, such as the hash price that reflects miners’ revenue, experienced a boost during the hashrate decline in 2021, driven by policy changes. However, profitability has tightened due to continuous hashrate growth despite the bear market conditions of 2022. The introduction of Ordinal inscriptions in 2023 played a role in increasing mining fees, contributing to a recovery in price.

ViaBTC Pool (NASDAQ:POOL) has emerged as a reliable source of income for miners. It offers features like Auto Withdrawal/Conversion and a Crypto Loans tool that enhance asset liquidity. Recognized as one of the top-tier Bitcoin mining pools by hashrate, ViaBTC advocates for viewing mining as a long-term investment that requires patience and strategic planning to achieve profitability.

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Martin Reid

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