BLUR Token Rockets 30% Higher on Binance Debut, Wrapping Up Season 2 Airdrop

"Trader Invests $7.3 Million in BLUR Platform, Anticipates Lucrative Returns as Reward Program Evolves"

Notable Trader Invests $7.3 Million in BLUR Token, Expects Substantial Returns

A well-known trader has recently made a significant investment of $7.3 million in the BLUR token, demonstrating confidence in the platform’s evolving reward program. BLUR, which was initially launched by OpenSea in October 2022, operates on an incentive-based transaction system and has revealed plans for a revamp across three seasons. This includes integrating with new “blast” networks and organizing an exclusive “Redacted” member airdrop in late 2024, following Blast’s achievement of $20 million in funding.

The recent surge in the value of the BLUR token can be attributed, at least in part, to the marketplace’s innovative approach to user incentives. For instance, during Season 2, a JPEG flipper notably benefited from these incentives, as reported by Dune dashboard data. Additionally, the Ethereum layer-2 network, Blast, has successfully raised $20 million from investors such as Paradigm and Standard Crypto. This funding will enable depositors to earn native yields on cryptocurrencies, with the promise of receiving half of the upcoming season’s airdrop rewards by staking BLUR tokens.

The marketplace’s success is also evident in its trading volume surpassing that of OpenSea since February. As part of Season 2 rewards, the marketplace distributed 300 million BLUR tokens to its users. Among the recipients was Hanwe’s hanwe.eth wallet, which received one of the largest single claims, amounting to 22.85 million tokens valued at approximately $14 million after the surge.

BLUR has also made revisions to its compensation scheme, now requiring participants to take half of their rewards in BLUR tokens. This change ensures a deeper integration with the platform’s ecosystem and aligns users’ interests with the long-term success of the token.

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Martin Reid

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