Conflux Multichain Protocol Folds: End of an Era After Just 2 Years

Zero Gravity to Take Over ShuttleFlow Technology Stack and Ensure Secure User Funds Migration

The ShuttleFlow technology stack is set to be transferred to Zero Gravity, a Web3 studio based in Ireland. Zero Gravity will take over the development of the protocol under a new brand, ensuring the continuity and further enhancement of the technology. The project has reassured users that their funds are secure and will be seamlessly migrated from ShuttleFlow to Zero Gravity.

In a recent announcement, the project stated, “Users who have previously bridged through ShuttleFlow and completed the claim of their bridged assets on the destination chain do not need to undergo any additional operations for the migration.” This means that users who have already utilized the bridging services provided by ShuttleFlow and successfully claimed their assets on the destination chain will not be required to take any further action during the migration process.

The decision to transfer the ShuttleFlow technology stack to Zero Gravity is aimed at leveraging the expertise and capabilities of the Irish Web3 studio. Zero Gravity is known for its commitment to innovation and its strong track record in developing cutting-edge blockchain solutions. This partnership is expected to bring new opportunities and advancements to the protocol, benefiting both existing and future users.

The migration process will be carefully executed to ensure a smooth transition for all users. Zero Gravity will work closely with the ShuttleFlow team to ensure that all user funds are securely transferred and that there are no disruptions to the functionality of the protocol. Users can rest assured that their assets will be safeguarded throughout the migration process.

The ShuttleFlow protocol has gained significant popularity in the blockchain community for its ability to seamlessly bridge assets between different chains. It has provided users with a convenient and efficient solution for transferring assets across various blockchain networks. The technology stack behind ShuttleFlow has been instrumental in enabling this seamless bridging experience.

Zero Gravity will build upon the existing foundation of ShuttleFlow and continue to enhance its capabilities. The Irish Web3 studio is well-positioned to further develop the protocol and explore new possibilities in the blockchain space. This transfer of technology will ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the ShuttleFlow protocol.

As the migration process unfolds, users can expect regular updates and communication from both the ShuttleFlow and Zero Gravity teams. The project is committed to transparency and will provide detailed instructions and guidance to users throughout the migration process. Users are encouraged to stay informed and follow the official channels for the latest updates.

In conclusion, the transfer of the ShuttleFlow technology stack to Zero Gravity marks an exciting new chapter for the protocol. With the expertise and innovation of Zero Gravity, the protocol is poised for further advancements and growth. Users can trust that their funds will be securely migrated, and the functionality of the protocol will be maintained. This partnership between ShuttleFlow and Zero Gravity holds great promise for the future of blockchain technology.

Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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