CryptoCon’s Halving Cycle Theory Forecasts Bitcoin’s Price Journey until 2026

"The Halving Cycles Theory: CryptoCon's Model Proven Accurate in Predicting Bitcoin's Price Trajectory and Market Trends"

The Halving Cycles Theory and Trend Pattern Price model, developed by CryptoCon, is a comprehensive framework that takes into account Bitcoin’s historical price trajectory and halving events. It divides the market into four distinct cycles: Green Year, Blue Year, Red Year, and Orange Year. Each cycle represents a different phase of the market, from accumulation to all-time highs and bear market.

Despite facing criticisms about the accuracy of cycle peak timings, CryptoCon’s model has proven to be reliable since its inception. The company remains confident in its predictions, which include an early top in the summer of 2024 and a cycle top within a 21-day window from November 28, 2025. These predictions offer valuable insights for investors looking to navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Furthermore, the model also predicts a cycle bottom of around $27,000 within a 21-day range from November 28th, 2026. This projection provides an indication of potential market lows following the anticipated peak in late 2025.

As of today, Bitcoin is trading at $35,229, with an ongoing BTC bull pennant formation. CryptoCon’s analysis and predictions offer valuable foresight for investors seeking guidance in this ever-changing market. The firm continues to utilize color-coded cycles to represent different market phases, providing a visual aid to accompany its predictions.

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Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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