Explosive! Ethereum’s Game-Changing Layer 2 Network ‘Blast’ Secures Whopping $20 Million Investment

"Lido's Ethereum Staking Project Attracts Crypto Community with Promising Yields and Backing from Paradigm and Standard Crypto"

Blast, a Layer 2 solution built on the Ethereum network, has been gaining attention in the cryptocurrency community for its potential to offer yields from Ethereum staking and real-world assets protocols. Investors have the opportunity to earn up to 4% yield on ETH and 5% on USDC, with backing from prominent firms Paradigm and Standard Crypto. Currently, Lido, the staking service provider, has already secured over $19 million in staked ether, offering an attractive annual yield of up to 4%. In addition, $150,000 in DAI stablecoins is ready for deployment, and the introduction of USDB, an auto-rebasing stablecoin linked to MakerDAO’s T-Bill protocol earnings, has further expanded the project’s offerings.

As part of its strategy, Blast has implemented a referral program that rewards users with Blast Points prior to the mainnet launch. These points will become redeemable starting in May when the network goes live. The announcement of the mainnet launch and the referral program has led to a surge in BLUR’s market value, reaching $0.35888 today.

Despite the initial success and investment interest, some industry experts have expressed concerns about Blast’s long-term viability. Critics such as T3chman and Tytan have compared Blast’s structure to Ponzi schemes due to its reliance on rewards tokens after the launch. Adam Cochran of Cinneamhain Ventures has also pointed out the lack of a clear exit strategy, even though funds are being allocated to Lido and Maker protocols for yield accruals. Sisyphus has highlighted limitations of the bridge due to multi-sig control without live L2 operations.

However, despite these criticisms, Roquerre, known for their involvement with Blur, has secured a significant $40 million in funding to support the growth of NFT-centric DApps on Blast. Standard Crypto VC has acknowledged the limitations related to Total Value Locked (TVL) but has emphasized Blast’s potential revenue models, such as yield percentages or gas fee reimbursements for generating DApps. This strategic expansion has contributed to a 12% increase in BLUR’s market price.

The development of Blast aligns with a broader trend within the crypto ecosystem towards Layer 2 solutions that aim to enhance scalability, reduce costs, and maintain security. With its upcoming mainnet launch and the support of major investors, Blast is positioned as a noteworthy addition to the Ethereum network’s infrastructure.

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Martin Reid

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