InQubeta’s AI Altcoin Surges as Bitcoin Inches Closer to $100K

InQubeta Raises $4.2 Million in Presale, Pioneering AI and Blockchain Integration to Revolutionize AI Investments

InQubeta, an innovative platform that combines AI and blockchain technology, recently completed its presale, raising an impressive $4.2 million. The platform aims to democratize AI investments by introducing a unique fractional investment system and an NFT marketplace, where equity in AI startups is represented as NFTs.

One of the key features of the platform is the QUBE token, which serves as a governance tool, providing token holders with decision-making power. To control the supply of QUBE tokens and maintain price stability, InQubeta employs a deflationary model. If the token supply surpasses a certain limit, excess tokens are eliminated through token burning. Additionally, a portion of transaction tax proceeds are burned to prevent sudden supply increases. The remaining funds are allocated to the rewards pool and marketing initiatives.

InQubeta’s innovative approach to AI investments has garnered attention and interest from investors. The platform offers a unique opportunity for startups and crypto users to contribute to the AI revolution, making it an exciting prospect in the DeFi space.

Moving on to Ripple, the cryptocurrency has experienced a significant surge in price, surpassing the $0.60 mark. This has led to speculations that Ripple may soon breach the $1 mark. Ripple utilizes XRP Ledger technology to provide blockchain solutions for businesses and financial institutions.

In recent times, Ripple has been actively expanding its user base through strategic partnerships. One notable collaboration is with Dubai’s MBank and LuLu Exchange, Ripple’s ODL partner in the UAE. This partnership aims to promote efficient cross-border transactions, further establishing Ripple as a leading player in the blockchain industry.

Both Ripple and InQubeta present promising investment opportunities in the DeFi sector. While Ripple focuses on driving blockchain adoption for business growth, InQubeta empowers startups and crypto users to participate in the AI revolution. These projects showcase the potential of blockchain and AI technologies in transforming various industries.

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Martin Reid

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