Irish Crypto Scene Stalls: CertiK Data Reveals Slowest Pace of New Cryptocurrencies in 3 Years

Blockchain Development Slows Down as Token Creation Hits Record Low in Q3 2021, Reveals CertiK Data

Blockchain Development Slows as Token Creation Hits Lowest Level in 2021

New data has revealed a significant slowdown in blockchain development, with the creation of new tokens dropping to the lowest level since the beginning of 2021. According to CertiK, a blockchain smart-contract auditor, the number of new tokens added in the third quarter decreased to 293, compared to 366 in the second quarter and 449 in the same period last year. This decline in token creation aligns with previous reports highlighting the challenges faced by the crypto industry during the so-called “crypto winter.”

CertiK compiled this data by analyzing the list of tokens added to CoinMarketCap each quarter, excluding memecoins that serve no practical purpose other than speculative trading. The numbers indicate a significant drop in new token creation compared to the peak of the bull market in the fourth quarter of 2021 when 1,261 new tokens were introduced.

The decline in token listings can also be attributed to the decrease in liquidity within the industry. Several blockchain projects have been forced to downsize their staff, with NFT marketplace OpenSea being the latest to announce a 50% reduction in workforce. The CEO of OpenSea explained that the company was “building a new foundation” amid the industry’s liquidity challenges.

Sean Farrell, a crypto analyst at FundStrat, an independent investment-research firm, believes that the decline in token listings is a result of a more mature crypto industry. With more legitimate projects emerging, the competition for liquidity has become tougher, and the bar for launching a token has been raised. Additionally, the fear of regulatory scrutiny has deterred some potential issuers from launching tokens, especially in the United States where regulatory uncertainty remains.

Despite these challenges, there are signs of optimism within the crypto market. Bitcoin experienced a powerful rally in October, and major altcoins have also seen significant gains. This has fueled speculation that the worst of the market downturn may be over. In fact, funds for investing in cryptocurrencies attracted $767 million of fresh money last week, marking the best six-week stretch since the 2021 bull market.

While the decrease in token creation may indicate a slowdown in blockchain development, it also reflects a maturation of the industry. As the crypto market evolves, more legitimate projects are emerging, and the focus is shifting towards quality rather than quantity. However, regulatory uncertainty remains a significant hurdle that needs to be addressed to encourage further growth and innovation in the sector.

In conclusion, the recent data on token creation highlights the challenges faced by the crypto industry during the ongoing “crypto winter.” The decline in new token listings can be attributed to a combination of factors, including decreased liquidity, a more mature market, and regulatory uncertainties. Despite these obstacles, there are signs of optimism, with Bitcoin and major altcoins experiencing positive momentum. The industry’s focus on quality projects and the need for regulatory clarity will be crucial in determining the future trajectory of blockchain development.

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