Irish Journalist: “Bitcoin and Ethereum Spearhead Explosive Surge in Global Crypto Market!

"Bitcoin and Ethereum Lead the Charge as Cryptocurrency Market Surges, Pushing Global Cap to $1.36 Trillion"

Yesterday, the digital asset market experienced significant gains, with Bitcoin rising by 2.70% to $36,307.92 and Ethereum increasing by 1.35% to $1,915.29. This rally resulted in a 2.17% increase in the global crypto market cap, reaching $1.36 trillion, with a total volume of $44.92 billion.

In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies also saw price increases over the past two days. Meme currencies were fluctuating; Dogecoin rose by 2.89% to $0.07619 with a market cap of $10.81 billion. Shiba Inu increased by 2.78% to $0.000008456 with a market cap of $4.99 billion, and Pepe Coin saw a boost of 2%. Other altcoins, such as Ripple’s XRP (+0.67% at $0.6913), Cardano (+3.35%, $0.365), Solana (+2% at $43.86), and Polkadot (+4.62%, $5.11), also experienced gains.

The top gainers of the day were Mina, Sui, Arweave, Chainlink, and Bitcoin SV, while the biggest losers were Trust Wallet Token, Tether Gold, Injective, and PAX Gold. Stablecoins Tether and USD Coin remained stable, while Binance USD dropped. DeFi tokens Chainlink and Wrapped Bitcoin gained value, while Dai lost value. Among NFT tokens, Stacks and Axie Infinity gained, while Internet Computer and Render lost value.

The recent upswing in the cryptocurrency market represents an improvement from last month’s market valuation of $1.09 trillion and the valuation of $1.18 trillion three months ago. The consistent growth in the global cryptocurrency market indicates the increasing interest and investment in digital assets.

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Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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