Irish Journalist: “Dublin-based Oracle Staff Member Unveiled as Mastermind Behind Jaw-Dropping $54 Million Cryptocurrency Laundering Plot!

"Former Oracle Employee Implicated in Multi-Million Dollar Cryptocurrency Drug Sales Scheme"

Irish journalist reporting:

The Justice Department has made a startling revelation, alleging that a significant amount of cryptocurrency, specifically 30,000 ether valued at over $54 million, was generated from drug sales on the notorious Blue Sky market. This revelation has led to a high-profile case involving individuals connected to the cryptocurrency transactions.

One of the individuals implicated in this case is a man named Krewson, who gained notoriety for his Walter White impersonation from the popular TV show “Breaking Bad”. Krewson held a senior technical support engineer position at Oracle from 2015 until this year. The evidence presented suggests that Krewson had discussions with two other individuals, Castelluzzo and Atwell, about potentially moving the illicitly obtained ether to offshore locations such as Malta or the Bahamas. These discussions were uncovered through prison calls and further supported by their ongoing Facebook friendship as of mid-2021.

In a significant development, during a police raid in July of last year, Krewson willingly provided the password to the crypto wallet, which allowed law enforcement to seize and transfer all the funds to a Department of Justice (DOJ) wallet. Castelluzzo, on behalf of himself and a company called Broken Wings Holdings, which he operated with Krewson and Atwell for cryptocurrency trading on the Bitrix exchange, made an appeal to a Colorado court in December to have the seized funds returned. However, despite his claim that the funds were not derived from criminal activities, the court denied his appeal.

Last week, the DOJ officially announced the seizure of these funds, marking a significant victory in their efforts to combat illicit cryptocurrency activities. While Krewson’s attorney has yet to comment on the matter, Castelluzzo maintains that the cryptocurrency in question was acquired through legitimate means.

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Martin Reid

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