Israel’s Unyielding Battle: From Trauma to Triumph, We’re Still in the Fight!

"Temporary Ceasefire Brings Relief and Hope, But Challenges Remain in Israel-Hamas Conflict"

The war may be paused, but it is far from over. While there may be relief at the promised four days of quiet between Israel and Hamas, this ceasefire does not signify the end of the conflict. In fact, it is likely to intensify. The war has already turned Israel upside down, and its effects can be seen everywhere in the country.

Signs directing people to the nearest bomb shelters can be found in airports, and even Google Maps shows users where to take cover. Billboards with patriotic slogans can be seen by the roadside, and taxi-hailing apps offer messages of solidarity. Posters and images of the hostages’ faces are plastered on lampposts and walls, demanding their safe return.

There is a striking unity among Jewish Israelis when it comes to this war. Unlike previous military operations in Gaza, there is very little opposition. The severity and cruelty of the attack by Hamas militants on October 7th, where they killed and captured many innocent civilians, has left no room for empathy towards the other side’s pain. The trauma is still fresh for many Israelis, and they are still in the midst of it.

A trip to the Gaza envelope, the area of Israel that borders the strip, gives a glimpse of the devastation caused by the war. The area is mostly closed off, and the sound of Israeli bombardment in northern Gaza can be heard in the distance. The roads are scarred with black scorch marks from cars that were fired upon and exploded into flames. Buildings in kibbutzim like Be’eri are charred ruins, and the remnants of classrooms and clinics tell a harrowing story of the lives lost.

Benny Hasson, a resident of Kissufim, a kibbutz less than a kilometer away from Gaza, took me on a tour of his town. The once vibrant community is now a ghost town, with houses riddled with bullet holes. Hasson showed me the reinforced room in his own house, where he and his wife hid for 22 hours while Hamas militants tried to break in. They used an ironing board to jam the door handle, and miraculously, they survived.

The war has left deep scars on the people of Israel, and the pain is still raw. The ceasefire may provide a temporary respite, but until a lasting solution is found, the war will continue to haunt the country.

Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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