Lucky 13 GOP Rebels Rally to Oust George Santos from Congress – Live!

"House Speaker Mike Johnson fulfills promise: All January 6th tapes to be made available to Americans"

House speaker Mike Johnson has pledged to make all the January 6th tapes available to all Americans. In a tweet on Friday, Johnson stated, “Today, I am keeping my promise to the American people and making all the January 6th tapes available to ALL Americans.” This move comes as part of ongoing efforts to address the events of the Capitol riot and ensure transparency for the public.

Rosalynn Carter, the 96-year-old former first lady, is currently in hospice care at her home in Plains, Georgia. A statement released by her office on Friday afternoon confirmed the news, stating, “Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter has entered hospice care at home. She and President Carter are spending time with each other and their family. The Carter family continues to ask for privacy and remains grateful for the outpouring of love and support.” This update comes as a reminder of the Carter family’s enduring legacy and the impact they have had on American politics.

Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis has criticized San Francisco over its street cleanup for the Apec summit and Joe Biden’s bilateral meeting with Chinese president Xi Jinping earlier this week. DeSantis expressed his frustration, stating, “I look to see what’s going on in San Francisco the last couple of days. The city is in squalor, there’s poop on the streets, there’s people using drugs, people getting mugged…But then Xi Jinping’s coming to town, and what do they do? They get the poop off the sidewalk, they…clear the homeless, they stop the drugs, they stop the crime.” This critique highlights the disparity in treatment and resources allocated to different events and raises questions about the city’s priorities.

Thirteen Republicans have supported a resolution to expel George Santos from the House of Representatives. Santos, who is facing charges of fraud, responded to the news by stating, “The one thing I never knew was that the process in Congress was dirty. I will continue to fight for what I believe in and I will never back down.” This development underscores the ongoing tensions within the Republican party and the repercussions faced by individuals involved in legal controversies.

A new poll from CNN shows that Democrats in New Hampshire still view Joe Biden as the party’s best shot to hold the White House. Although Biden’s name will not appear on the state’s primary ballots, 65% of New Hampshire Democrats stated that they would write in Biden’s name, while 10% expressed support for Minnesota’s Democratic representative Dean Phillips. This survey reflects the continued confidence in Biden’s leadership among party members, despite recent challenges and criticisms.

The White House has condemned a tweet from Elon Musk that endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory. The tweet suggested that Jewish communities “push hatred against whites.” In response, the White House issued a statement, saying, “We condemn this abhorrent promotion of antisemitic and racist hate in the strongest terms, which runs against our core values as Americans.” This incident highlights the importance of addressing and countering hate speech in public discourse.

Following the suspension of Donald Trump’s gag order in his ongoing New York fraud trial, Trump’s team resumed its attacks against the trial’s presiding judge Arthur Engoron’s law clerk, Allison Greenfield. Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Trump, criticized Greenfield, denouncing her as a “Democrat operative and hack.” Trump himself also targeted Greenfield, referring to her as “politically biased and out of control” in a post on Truth Social. These ongoing attacks raise concerns about the politicization of the legal process and the potential impact on the trial’s proceedings.

In other news, several pro-ceasefire demonstrators were arrested at Fox News’s headquarters in New York City as Gaza protests spread. The demonstrations, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza, took place in various locations across the US. These protests come as public support for Israel in the US appears to be declining, and the death toll in Gaza continues to rise. The arrests at Fox News highlight the intersection of media and political activism in the ongoing conflict.

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Martin Reid

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