Riot Platforms Strikes Gold: Q3 Sees Bitcoin Production Surge and Costs Plummet!

"Riot Mines 1,106 Bitcoins at Remarkably Low Cost, Solidifying Its Status as a Leader in Bitcoin Production"

Riot, a leading Bitcoin mining company, has successfully mined 1,106 Bitcoins at a cost of $5,537 each, well below the industry average. This achievement solidifies Riot’s position as a leader in low-cost Bitcoin production. In addition to its mining success, the company boasts $290 million in cash reserves and a substantial Bitcoin stockpile.

The company’s total revenue for the quarter was comprised of $31.2 million from Bitcoin mining, $5.1 million from Data Center Hosting, and $15.5 million from Engineering revenue. While there was a slight dip in Data Center Hosting revenue due to a strategic shift from legacy contracts, the engineering sector maintained a steady income.

During Q3, Riot focused on expanding its Bitcoin yield and improving liquidity through strategic stock offerings. By selling 10.2 million shares of common stock, the company raised $100 million, positioning itself strongly ahead of the anticipated ‘halving’ event in the crypto mining sector. This move allowed Riot to strengthen its position and enhance its operations.

Riot Platforms, known for its innovative approach to cost management and efficiency maximization, earned $49.6 million in power curtailment credits during the quarter. This represents a significant increase from the $13.1 million earned in Q3 of the previous year, equivalent to approximately 1,757 Bitcoin. The company’s commitment to finding innovative solutions has paid off.

Despite facing infrastructure challenges caused by the Texas winter storm damages, Riot has demonstrated operational resilience and adaptability. Looking ahead, the company projects a hash rate capacity of 12.5 EH/s for Q4 and beyond, indicating its confidence in future growth and success.

In a move to further enhance its operations, Riot has entered into a long-term purchase agreement with MicroBT Electronics Technology Co., LTD. The agreement will result in the deployment of 33,280 Bitcoin miners by mid-2024. This strategic partnership has the potential to increase Riot’s self-mining hash rate capacity to an impressive 20.2 EH/s.

While Riot recorded a net loss of $45.3 million for the quarter, it is important to note that this includes significant non-cash expenses such as stock-based compensation, depreciation, and impairment of Bitcoin. Despite this loss, Riot’s liquidity remains strong, with $290 million in cash and 7,327 Bitcoin on hand, amounting to nearly $500 million in combined liquidity.

Riot’s ATM offering in August 2023 proved to be a success, raising substantial capital. The company generated net proceeds of approximately $126.0 million from share sales during Q3, with an additional $101.1 million raised post-quarter end. This further strengthens Riot’s financial position and sets the stage for continued growth and success.

In conclusion, Riot’s Q3 performance showcases its leadership in low-cost Bitcoin production and its ability to navigate challenges while maintaining operational resilience. With its strategic stock offerings, innovative cost management approach, and long-term purchase agreement, Riot is well-positioned for future growth and success in the crypto mining sector.

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Martin Reid

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