RocketFuel Rockets Ahead with Ripple: Unveils Cutting-Edge Payment Technology Integration!

RocketFuel CEO Peter Jensen Discusses Simplifying Checkout Processes and Expanding Sales Channels at Ripple's Swell Conference in Dubai

RocketFuel, a leading payment solutions provider, has unveiled its innovative one-click checkout system that aims to simplify traditional checkout processes and encourage impulse buying. With this new system, merchants can easily access new sales channels and enhance their customer experience. RocketFuel offers a comprehensive suite of services, including pay-ins, payouts, B2B cross-border payments, and invoicing solutions.

CEO Peter Jensen is currently representing RocketFuel at Ripple’s Swell conference in Dubai, taking place on November 8-9, 2023. During the conference, Jensen will discuss the evolving landscape of the payments industry, the increasing significance of cryptocurrencies, and the potential of Ripple to revolutionize existing payment processes. This participation highlights RocketFuel’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments.

RocketFuel has recently incorporated Ripple’s cutting-edge technology into its suite of services. This integration includes “RocketFuel Pay-In Commerce,” a solution that enables merchants to facilitate crypto and ACH payments both online and at physical locations. Additionally, RocketFuel now offers “RocketFuel Mass Pay-Out,” a tool for executing global bulk payments, and “RocketFuel Cross border B2B,” a service that facilitates large-scale cross-border transactions using blockchain and stablecoin technologies.

In a strategic move, RocketFuel has announced its partnership with Ripple to incorporate Ripple Payments into its suite of services. This collaboration means that RocketFuel’s offerings, including “RocketFuel Pay-In Commerce,” “RocketFuel Mass Pay-Out,” and “RocketFuel Cross border B2B,” will utilize blockchain technology to manage in-store and online crypto and ACH payments, execute global payouts in crypto or through bank transfers, and handle cross-border transactions using stablecoins to ensure market stability.

This recent development follows RocketFuel’s alliance in September 2023 with AvecPay, a leading payment platform in Latin America. The partnership aimed to introduce cryptocurrency payments to the region by leveraging RocketFuel’s blockchain technology and stablecoins for market stability. AvecPay plans to launch an online marketplace that will enable international merchants to showcase their products and conduct transactions using cryptocurrency.

RocketFuel’s continuous efforts to innovate and expand its services demonstrate its commitment to providing merchants with advanced payment solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market. By incorporating Ripple’s technology and forming strategic alliances, RocketFuel is well-positioned to drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies and revolutionize the payment industry.

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