Tech Coalition Urges EU to Tread Lightly on AI Regulation Ahead of AI Act Finalization

Irish Tech Companies Rally Against Overregulation of AI, Citing Threat to Innovation

Irish Companies Urge EU to Avoid Overregulation of AI Models

A letter, signed by 33 companies operating within the European Union, has been sent to EU policymakers, urging them to avoid imposing overly stringent regulations on foundation models such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and general-purpose AI (GPAI). The letter, dated November 23, highlights the potential negative impact of excessive regulation on innovation within the region.

The signatories argue that while it is important to address the ethical and safety concerns associated with AI, it is equally crucial to maintain an environment that fosters innovation and growth. They caution that excessive regulation could stifle the development and deployment of AI technologies, ultimately hindering the EU’s ability to compete on a global scale.

The companies emphasize the need for a balanced approach that ensures the responsible use of AI without impeding progress. They believe that a collaborative effort between policymakers, industry experts, and other stakeholders is essential to strike the right balance.

The letter also highlights the potential benefits of AI technologies, including improved healthcare, increased productivity, and enhanced sustainability. It acknowledges that AI has the potential to revolutionize various sectors, including agriculture, finance, and transportation, and urges policymakers to consider these potential benefits when formulating regulations.

Furthermore, the signatories express concerns that overly stringent regulations could lead to an exodus of talent and investment from the EU. They argue that attracting and retaining top AI researchers and companies is crucial for the region to remain at the forefront of AI innovation.

In conclusion, the letter calls for a regulatory framework that strikes a balance between ensuring the responsible use of AI and fostering innovation. It encourages policymakers to engage in dialogue with industry experts and stakeholders to develop regulations that are effective, practical, and supportive of continued AI development in the EU.

The signatories hope that their collective voice will be heard and that policymakers will take their concerns into account when shaping the future of AI regulation in the EU.

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Martin Reid

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