Toncoin Soars, Axie Infinity Plummets: A Rollercoaster Ride in the Crypto Market

"Cryptocurrency Market Update: GateToken and NXM Stand Firm, SingularityNET and Sourceless Experience Decline, CashBackPro Surges"

GateToken (GT) stood firm at $4.26, while NXM maintained its stability at $57.03. SingularityNET (AGIX) experienced a decline, reaching $0.29, whereas CashBackPro (CBP) made a notable climb to $2.67. Additionally, Sourceless (STR) witnessed an increase in value, reaching $0.0105.

On February 1st, BITCOIN ADDITIONAL (@btca_en) made its debut and is currently available on two active markets. It has a total supply of 1,299,197 coins, with 12,418 coins in circulation. The last known price for BITCOIN ADDITIONAL was approximately $37,392.

Toncoin has caught the attention of the market with its recent performance. Launched in August, Toncoin has an official Twitter account (@ton_blockchain) and a website ( that provides updates and market insights. Despite minor contractions in the market over the past few hours, Toncoin’s trading volume has exceeded expectations. With a circulating supply of over a billion coins out of a total supply exceeding a billion coins, Toncoin has shown promising growth.

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Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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