Unleash Your Imagination: Who Should Take the Lead in the Epic Legend of Zelda Movie?

"The Legend of Zelda Set to Make a Spectacular Leap from Games to Live-Action Film"

“The Legend of Zelda, one of the most successful and beloved gaming franchises of all time, is set to be adapted into a live-action film. With iconic characters such as Link, Princess Zelda, the demonic Ganon, and the popular half-fish prince, fans have been eagerly suggesting actors for the roles. Here at the Guardian, we have put together our dream cast for the upcoming movie, steering away from the popular choice of Tom Holland as Link.

Given the limited details available about the plot and which games the film will be based on, it is challenging to cast the Zelda movie. However, considering the success of the recent games, Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, it is likely that the film will draw heavily from their roster of characters.

Firstly, for the role of the great fairy, an amalgamation of the four great fairies in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom, we suggest Lady Gaga. Her striking and bold style aligns perfectly with the fairy’s aesthetics, and her acting skills, as seen in A Star is Born and American Horror Story, show she can portray both compassion and terror.

Next, for the character Beedle, a comic relief traveling salesman, we propose Nathan Fielder. Known for his eccentric and off-putting charm in Nathan for You and the Rehearsal, Fielder would bring the perfect comedic touch to the role.

If the Rito hero Teba or his ancestor Revali were to make an appearance, we believe Fabien Frankel, known for his role in House of the Dragon, would be an excellent fit. His screen presence and striking good looks make him ideal for either character.

For the half-shark, half-human prince Sidon, who became a heartthrob in Breath of the Wild, we suggest Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth’s himbo energy and natural charm make him a perfect fit to portray Link’s self-proclaimed best friend.

Assuming the film takes place when Impa is the wise elder of Kakariko Village, we propose Lori Tan Chinn from Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens and Orange is the New Black. Chinn’s comedy skills would bring life to Impa’s historical exposition.

For the villainous Ganon, we believe Jason Momoa would be an excellent choice. With his menacing presence and physicality, Momoa can embody the maliciousness and strength required for the role.

As for Princess Zelda, we suggest the talented Zendaya. Her confidence and ability to portray vulnerable geniuses make her a perfect fit for the iconic character.

For the protagonist, Link, we have chosen D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai. With critical acclaim for his role in Reservation Dogs, Woon-A-Tai has the ability to capture the silent, loyal nature of Link while bringing the charisma and levity needed for the character’s journey.

Furthermore, casting Link as a First Nations actor, given Woon-A-Tai’s Oji-Cree, Chinese-Guyanese, and German heritage, would add depth and nuance to his fight to protect the land of Hyrule and his complex relationship with Zelda, the monarch he serves.”

Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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