Bitcoin ETF Showdown: BlackRock and ARK Invest Unveiled – Insider Expert Spills All!

"Expert Analyst Surprised by BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF Fee, Calls it Economical Amidst Battle with ARK Invest"

Senior ETF Analyst at Bloomberg recently offered insights into the fee competition within the ETF market, drawing attention to the ongoing battle between BlackRock and ARK Invest. The analyst expressed surprise at the disclosed fee for BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF, which was stated to be 0.30% as per the recently filed form. This fee was considerably lower than the analyst’s initial prediction, indicating that the competitive landscape had intensified significantly for other market participants.

In response to BlackRock’s announcement, ARK Invest swiftly adjusted their fee to 0.25%, further escalating the fee competition. Another player, whose name was not mentioned in the original article, also entered the fray with a competitive 0.25% fee, causing Fidelity’s 0.39% fee to lose its position as the cheapest in the group.

With the final documents now submitted, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will be responsible for deciding on the approval of the forms. If approved, trading could potentially commence the following day. The industry is eagerly awaiting the SEC’s decision, which is expected to be announced by Wednesday, January 10th.

It is worth noting that this article was originally published on U.Today, a source that provides news and analysis on various topics including cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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