Valkyrie’s Bitcoin ETF: SEC Approval Imminent, Trading Set to Soar on Thursday!

"Valkyrie's Co-Founder Optimistic about SEC Decision, Highlights Importance of Cash Redemption Models for ETF Market Expansion"

Steven McClurg, co-founder of Valkyrie, is optimistic about the upcoming decision from the SEC, drawing on previous interactions with the regulatory body. He emphasizes the importance of cash redemption models, which he believes will help expand investor access to ETF markets.

In light of the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase, Valkyrie is eager to differentiate itself and highlight Coinbase’s role as a custodian within its framework. This distinction is aimed at distancing Valkyrie’s product from the ongoing regulatory scrutiny. Despite the challenges faced by the broader industry, Valkyrie remains confident in its offering.

Valkyrie aims to attract a diverse range of investors, including both retail and institutional participants. The company has set its fee at 0.80%, which is competitive, especially in terms of Bitcoin storage and security protocols.

As the anticipation grows around the SEC’s decision, Valkyrie is preparing for a significant influx of market activity once trading begins.

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Martin Reid

Martin Reid

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